Guyana Security Conference 2024

Securing Guyana's Future

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14-16 March 2024


• Police • Military • Maritime • Security • Fire • Medical •

Nebula Group Guyana, Nebula Group USA, and Nebula Group Denmark have teamed up with local and international partners to bring you the GUYANA SECURITY CONFERENCE 2024,

Invitees include senior decision-makers from Guyana as well as those from the Caribbean and across Latin America.

Join experts from Guyana and around the world to discuss the new opportunities and challenges that the new wealth of oil will bring, and discuss how increased development, regional issues, and rapid business growth will require different approaches to preserve Guyanese culture, bring prosperity, and protect industry, the country, and the people. 

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Guyana Regional Security Conference

Gather in Guyana to see a display of innovative products and a group of forward-thinking service providers as we explore the future challenges for Guyana and the region in both economic development and national and regional security.

Our program includes a welcome lunch with a keynote speaker. Additionally, we will be hosting three panel discussions on the challenges and opportunities ahead. Capping the event will be a panel discussion at dinner as we explore ways to achieve a secure and prosperous Guyana, featuring speakers with decades of experience in Guyana. Some of them were even born there.

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